I want you to feel
+ cherished,
because friend...

I want you to feel
+ cherished,
because friend...

When you book me as your photographer, you don't get me as "just the photographer" for your 1 hour photo shoot or 9 hour wedding day...

You get me as your encouraging fun-loving bestie friend, biggest cheer leader, peace keeper, idea bouncer offer, information giver, mary poppins backpack carrier, detail noticer, go with the flow helper, organized teacher, before, during and after your day! I'm constantly learning, growing and dreaming up new ways I can better serve my clients! It's my goal to always provide an excellent experience for you all the way through so you don't feel like a client, because you KNOW you're a friend!

The Sarah Conrad experience




"SARAH πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• you did such an AMAZING JOB on our photos, I cannot explain enough how amazing they turned out 😭πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I can tell you went to a lot of trouble to make my complexion look nice and to make the colors really stand out, along with a BILLION other things and I am just in love!! It was surreal for me to see mine and devs names on the subject line and to see the perfect photos and to laugh really hard when he dropped me onto the ground πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you seriously did an amazing job!!! I love you so much!! ❀️"


"Not only is Sarah extremely talented with the camera, she has incredible people skills that make the whole session a wonderful experience! She quickly makes you feel comfortable, which enables you to express who you truly are. She asks the best questions gets to know YOU and what YOU want, so that it shines through the pictures she takes. I've been so impressed with her work, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality photographer!"


"Thank you so much Sarah! You did such amazing work and I love all of them! I will be sure to remember you for when we get our engagement photos and give out your name to any friends looking for an awesome photographer! 
-Extremely Gratefully-


You have a true gift not only in photography but in making people look great, feel great, putting them at ease and making them see themselves differently!


 "Love these SO much!!! They are so beautiful. Thank you, Sarah!!! Love you!!!"


"thanks so much Sarah u r the greatest of all time #goat"


"thanks so much Sarah u r the greatest of all time #goat"


"I’m like almost crying, this is honestly so much better than I even expected. Thank you SO SO SO much, you did so good and we are so blessed! You can definitely expect to hear from us in the future.Thank you!!"


"I’m like almost crying, this is honestly so much better than I even expected. Thank you SO SO SO much, you did so good and we are so blessed! You can definitely expect to hear from us in the future.Thank you!!"


"These are AMAZING!!! Thank you, so much!!!!!!"


"These are AMAZING!!! Thank you, so much!!!!!!"


"Sarah! My heart is SO happy, I am literally crying over these photos! Thank you for capturing US πŸ™ŒπŸΌ they are better than I could of ever dreamed! I cannot wait to see the rest! ❀️❀️❀️"


"I absolutely love these pictures they turned out amazing."




Where are you located?

I live in Phoenix Arizona!

Are you willing to travel to travel to weddings, elopements, engagement shoots etc. out of Arizona?

HECK TO THE YES! I love traveling, most especially when it involves pretty mountains or a beach!

How far out can we book you
for our wedding? 

1 year out is my max, but be sure to inquire anyway, so I can at least have your wedding on my radar.

What are your prices?

Keep scrolling for my base rates Click here to inquire for the full pricing guide.

Do you have a contract?

Yes, I do! After all your questions are answered and you're ready to book with me, I'll send it via email for you and your fiancΓ© to electronically sign.

What's your payment process?

Right after you sign the contract, 30% of the total cost of your chosen collection is due. This is called the "non-refundable retainer fee." Of course this 30% is not an extra fee, as it goes towards the total you'll be paying me. Your remaining balance is due one month before your wedding. (The last two weeks and especially the week leading up to your wedding can be overwhelming with last minute details and remembering to pay all your vendors, so I like to get your payment taken care of and checked off your list one month before your big day. One less thing for you to worry about!)

Accepted payment methods include: check, Zelle, and credit card.

Should we still fill out your questionnaire even if we're just shopping around?

I mean that's up to you. If you like my work and seem to like me... chances are I'll like you too! ;) So go for it! It's really important that you find someone to photograph your wedding who you get along with and like! That may sound silly... but your photographer will be with you pretty much the WHOLE DAY of your wedding. I might not be the right fit for you but you'll never know if you don't at least reach out. :) Side note: it's also important to find a photographer whose style you like! Most photographers have spent years honing and perfecting their specific style!

Okay, I want a photographer who fits my style... but what is my style?

I'm glad you asked! As you are figuring out what style you like best, ask yourself these questions,

"Do I like super posed pictures? Or super candid pictures? Or a combination of the two?" 

"Do I lean more towards happy, fun, silly, jovial photos? Or do I like the slower, more serious, quiet intimate moments?" 

Now let's talk about the final edited photos after the shoot. Ask yourself these questions, "Do I like light and airy images? Or dark and moody? Or timeless with a little extra added vibrance and contrast to enhance the natural beauty?"

Then look through the portfolio of the photographers you're considering and you'll know whose style speaks loudest to you! 

So what's your style, Sarah?

My goal is to help make space for you to enjoy happy, joyous, sweet, intimate love-filled moments together. I desire for you to have real meaningful memories behind these pretty photos. To give you an idea of what I mean, we might start your session with some funny word games then piggy back rides or dancing, plenty of candid moments. I also believe it's important to get some classic photos of you two smiling at the camera, for posterity. ;) So I'll sneak that in a few times during your photo shoot... AND I love ending photo shoots on a slow note; sitting down, cuddled up, getting soft and tender. During the photo shoot I will, at times, help you pose by giving you instructions and guiding you into different positions. Don't worry about trying to figure that out on your own! 

I have been deciding on my editing "style", honing it, and tweaking it, for yearssss! I finally love where I'm at with this journey. It's never ending, honestly. I'm always learning, growing and making it better. "Heaven on earth" is the aim for my photos, so not over editing them, I want the feel and look of the images to "be a little better than real life". I work to make them to look beautiful, timeless, and invoke emotion and connection.

Can I inquire even if I'm not engaged yet? 

Girl, absolutely! It's so much fun to start dreaming for the future NOW!
And you bet I reached out to my wedding photographer literally six months before I was even engaged lol! 

How many photos will we get back from you?

Typically a minimum of 75 images for every 1 hour of a shoot or wedding day. These are the BEST of the best from your shoot. It definitely could be more though! I'm certainly not one for deleting/not delivering a pretty picture! Haha, so if there are 120 amazing photos from your one hour shoot out of the 700 photos I took then you'll be getting 120. And if you opt for a second shooter on your wedding day, then there will likely be more than 75 images per hour, including more photos from different angles and more of those in between moments.

What if I have a question that wasn't answered on here?

If you have any questions that didn't get answered, fill out my questionnaire in the "BOOK ME" section of my website and at the very bottom of the questionnaire there's a space for you to drop your questions. :)

I can't wait to hear from youuu!!!



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If you made it this far, I know you know we'd be a great fit. So the real question is... is your date available?!

If you made it this far, I know you know we'd be a great fit. So the real question is... is your date available?!