Jacob and Katiebeth’s love story starts back in 2018 when they were both junior high leaders at their church. These two have such precious hearts for the Lord and a joy that cannot be contained! As you’ll see from their engagement photos the joy in their hearts spills out in the form of laughter, effortlessly and frequently! With only four junior high leaders at their small church it wasn’t hard to notice each other, but at the time they were only 18 and 16 years old and pretty focused on their individual paths.

Jacob followed the Lord’s calling and attended Hillsong’s year-long Pastoral program in Australia. Meanwhile, Katiebeth was in Arizona finishing up high school and then began pursuing her degree at GCU. Jacob came home for Christmas part way through the program… during which time… Katiebeth mustered the courage to ask him out on a coffee date. He happily agreed and the conversations from that coffee date launched them into a daily back and forth conversation over the next three months until he returned to The States and they officially became more than just friends. 😉

He proposed… but I’m saving that story for their wedding blog!

My path crossed with Jacob and Katiebeth when we both took a Zoom Financial Peace University class. It was during that one year when we all spent wayyy too much time at home, if you know what I mean. 😉 (Side note, if you’re single, dating, engaged, married… heck if you’re breathing — and you haven’t taken that class. Do it! Financial Peace University teaches nine easy to understand lessons about how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. It’s helped me and Joel immensely with budgeting AND it’s how we originally met Jacob and Katiebeth.)

During the class they were newly engaged and over the course of those nine weeks I began to notice and really admire their relationship and the amount of intentionality they were already pouring into it. They have been working diligently since the beginning of their relationship to lay a strong foundation for what will soon be a thriving marriage! What a blessing and inspiration it is to witness a couple dedicated to pursuing the Lord together and walking intentionally with Him.

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