Boy, I sure do love it when a plan comes together!! I’ll give you some back story though before I tell you THIS story.

Annie co-founded an AWESOME picnic company in Arizona called Sonoran Picnics with her friend and business partner, Selah. When I found out they were launching the SAME WEEK that I was shooting an elopement in Sedona — I HAD to reach out and connect them with my bride. They are very talented picnickers and set up a lovely little elopement picnic. Since then we’ve worked together several times.

Okay, fast forward a year-ish. I get a text from Annie… *cue my involuntary squeal of delight* as I read her text and found out 1. SHE WAS PREGNANT & 2. She and Matt wanted to hire me for their maternity photos! I was so excited and honored to work with them!

Originally we were planning to head up to an area near Sedona for their shoot. But after several back and forth texts over the period of monthsss, we came to the conclusion… that I would meet them on their BABYMOON in OREGON for their maternity shoot!!

My husband got the OK from his job to work remotely from the hotel, so he was able come with me! Joel and I flew into Oregon on a Thursday afternoon and drove 3 hours to our hotel. Side note, we stopped in for dinner at The Yard Food Park (a super cool food truck community) for a delicious philly cheese steak sandwich. If you ever find yourself in Salem Oregon I definitely recommend going. There were 15+ food trucks with a plethora of yummy food options!

On Friday I woke up while it was still dark outside and headed to Multnomah falls. I met Annie and Matt in the parking lot just as the sun was rising. We had the whole place to ourselves and enjoyed chatting on the walk to the falls. Their entire photo shoot felt like a fun hangout exploring sesh.

The neatest part about Annie and Matt’s photo shoot – for me – was witnessing their love and adoration for one another and how much FUN they have together! As a wedding/elopement photographer I have the pleasure of working with a lot of engaged couples, but in this instance it was wonderful to photograph a couple with five years of marriage under their belts. 5 years of beautiful, intentional growth, digging in and figuring out life together. It was clear to me that their love has only grown deeper as they exited the honeymoon phase – and entered the babymoon phase (see what I did there!?)

It was evident to me during the hour we spent together that they have a strong and thriving marriage. So many precious interactions – the way he looked at her, the way she giggled back at him. I know their sweet little Ember Marie will notice it too one day and realize how blessed she is to have them as parents. Thank you, Annie and Matt for choosing and trusting me to capture this special season of your lives!

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